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1000+ views first 5 days

6000+ views globally in first 2 months

6 regions globally re-use video as is

#1 most viewed for 4 months across RMEA

Ericsson across the 22 countries in the RMEA region had a collective problem.  Poor office behavior and habits resulted in mounting complaints and a reduction in overall morale and productivity amongst employees.  

The "Office Etiquette Campaign" was a creative solution to inform employees across the region of what is deemed acceptable behavior and what isn't.  With the busy lives of employees these days it was imperative that we come up with a solution that is creative but more importantly will grab employees attention.  


The campaign was a two-phase solution with an animated video using the actual Ericsson environment in the background followed by a print campaign to act as a reminder of the behvaiors we need everyone to follow and adhere by.   The video got so much traction during the first phase that we were approached by Ericsson's UK office and adopted the video targeting their offices across Western Europe.  


RMEA Version

UK Version


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