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The Annual RMEA Leadership meeting has been running solid for the past 3 years.  This is an internal event that is chaired by the Head of the Region, and is attended by 200+ line managers & leaders from across 23 countries within Ericsson RMEA. It’s a two-day meeting focusing on the strategy and leadership of Ericsson. 

This year, we will be focusing on launching the Networked Society Strategy (Strategy 2020), as well as Ericsson’s new Vision, Mission and Brand Values.  The event also fosters the networking aspect in order to build a one leaders community across the borders. 

What as required was a concept theme for the entire event, an RLM logo to be used across all collaterals, invitations and branding onsite along with an invitation that will be sent to all invitees.  Content was critical to make this event a success with creative assets all tailor-made for specific areas including an opening video highlighting the region's transformation from 2010 to-date.  

The approved theme was "The Destination" highlighting the journey ahead towards the 2020 strategy.  The main ballroom was designed with two stages and a run way in the middle of the ballroom allowing speakers to get closer to all attendees.  We had 36o degree projection around the entire ballroom creating images and content related to various topics being covered during the 2-day meeting.  


Main Event Video

Opening Video

CSR Video

Team Building Activity

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