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Gilenya is a new and innovative product prescribed to thousands of Multiple Sclerosis patients worldwide.  To introduce this product, Novartis hired CRINEL to manage the launch campaign both internally and externally. 

For the internal campaign we launched a three phase campaign starting with a teaser campaign that asked employees to "Unfold The Mystery" of the two letters that will change your life forever.  Employees had the opportunity to answer this question via an app developed and iPad stands available across their offices along with branding at every access point. Phase 2 saw the "Unfolding of the Mystery" and Phase 3 the reveal of the new MS product to be launched each replacing the branding elements across the Novartis office.  

For the launch event, rather than having only branding elements scattered across the entrance and hall,  We engaged physicians with a photo booth, a 3D theater and a 6m LED screen gateway leading to the main hall where physicians, pharmacists and the like were introduced to one of the break-through products Novartis is introducing to MS patients.  

Teaser Campaign Phase 1

Teaser Campaign Phase 2

Teaser Campaign Phase 3 (The Reveal)

Launch Event 

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