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While monetary donations and donated products or services can have a tremendous impact on a worthy cause, many charities and non-profits – along with the companies themselves – have actually noted that corporate volunteer programs have a potentially greater value in the long run. Why? It all comes down to increasing employee engagement, improving the ability to recruit younger employees, and increasing the company’s visibility in the community.

When PepsiCo MENA decided to launch a new volunteering program across the region they felt it was necessary to explain to employees why they are doing so, the importance of this new program and the results it will have on the community. 

We created a visual identity that reflects that one hand can make a difference and developed a video, email campaign and office branding that will communicate and ask employees the most important question of all, “Want to make a difference”?



PepsiCo MENA CSR master visual green
PepsiCo MENA CSR master visual green
PepsiCo MENA CSR master visual orange


CSR campaign


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