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190K views on Facebook

4900 shares on Facebook

50K applications 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Egypt, VIS is the largest off-shoring & outsourcing service provider in the region delivering business excellence through providing world class integrated products & services of high quality and value to our partners.

Our products and services are enriched with a wealth of value creating offerings to all industries around the world. We are based in Egypt which is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world; a centralized hub between Europe, Africa & Asia.

Our objectives were to reflect the internal work environment, facilities and functions at VIS, empower VIS employees to become brand ambassadors and to reinforce the VIS brand image/awareness. 

The results included over 170,000 views on Facebook during the first 2 weeks, 190,000 views on YouTube and the comments that would make any company proud to be one of the leaders and top recruiters in the region.

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